Malibu Beach Inn


Malibu Beach Inn

After heading 30 minutes west of Downtown LA, you will find yourself sprawled across your towel in complete relaxation on the beautiful and famous Malibu beach. Malibu is well known for its relaxed and laid-back vibes, also being enjoyed by the rich and famous travelling from the chaos of Hollywood to a more casual environment.
After laying back on your towel enjoying your view of surfers and lifeguards it will usually be time to grab something for lunch. Along the pier there are plenty of café’s and restaurants for a laid-back snack and a beautiful view of the Ocean. However, on our recent trip to Malibu, we found ourselves stumbling across the beautiful “Malibu Beach Inn”.
Malibu Beach Inn was taken over by the Mani brothers and has recently been refurbished in 2016 for a fresh look completed by Waldo Fernandes and his interior design focused on the Beach-Chic style. Despite Malibu’s ethos as being “low-glitz”, Malibu Beach inn prides itself being the only luxury hotel in the village (for now) and is favourite of those with a lavish lifestyle while offering a homely and comfortable feel for all guests. Features of the hotel include (just to name a few):

• Total Rooms: 45
• Total Suites: 2
• Grocery Shopping Service
• Personal Trainer
• Yoga on the Beach – Seasonally Available
• Horseback Riding
• Paddle Boarding/ Surfing/Ocean Kayaking
• Meetings & Events
• Spa


At the back of the hotel looking out at the ocean you will find yourself on a Scandinavian style terrace where you can enjoy luxury dining. On our visit we found ourselves amazed with the quality of food at a reasonable price. The menu suited us all with a varied selection of fish, meats, burgers and pasta, it really was an incredible experience with an even better view. Looking at the website, you can also see that they provide a beach service bringing anything you require to your sun bed on their reserved area of the luxury beach. The hotel can also provide small spaces for meetings and events and would work perfectly for a unique and luxurious experience. Check out the website for more information on this beautiful location: